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This is Not a Sales Call

Quick tip: If you answer your phone, and the caller says "This is not a sales call", chances are 100% that it's a sales call. It's very similar to the rule regarding anything that comes out of George Bush's lips. For instance: "This was not a political decision" means "Of course this was a political decision"

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Blogger crallspace said...

Make a comeback! The world is still very, very stupid!

2:41 PM

Blogger J. Johnson said...

Woulda been nice to know 8 years ago - that way when he announced that he was in fact the president of the United States, we coulda chuckled and said "Oh, silly. He just thinks it's opposite day - what he's really saying is, 'congrats, President Gore! You won fair and square!'

What's great about sales calls are - they provide you the opportunity that many young people have had stolen from them by the invention of Caller I.D. (stinkin' progress) - prank calls!
They called you, so really, they're askin' for it.

5:14 AM

Anonymous prior lake curtains said...

I was doing this before. You'll kinda get stress with irate customers.

11:59 AM


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