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New Leader in Boston's Worst Newscast Race

There is certainly some heady competition in the contest for Boston's worst newscast. On any particular night all three 11:00 newscasts, as well as both 10:00 newscasts could just as easily take the prize. It's a vast wasteland. But the new kid on the block, Channel 38's 9:30 newscast has lately risen to number one with a bullet.

It's just horrible. First off, who the hell designed the news set. Color scheme is so 1999. Tiny little desk the anchors stand at is just weird. Looks like they just went to Home Depot & loaded up on stuff out of the clearance bin. I think those are metal wall studs sticking out of the anchors heads. Even the widescreen TV that the weather is presented on looks like the weekly loss-leader special at Best Buy.

The news script is just painful to listen to. Sara Underwood, while still somewhat of a babe, is so dumb she makes Maria Stephanos look like a Rhodes Scholar. It's especially awkward when she attempts to do serious world news (something that of course, isn't attempted too often.) The only possible positive is Jon Keller's political analysis. He's a certified geek, but head and shoulders above the likes of Andy Hiller on Channel 7. But then they force him to race through his commentary while a 38-second clock ticks away.

It's just dreadful.

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Blogger Carmi said...

I think they must be reading from the same playbook as the morons who run the local TV news in my 'burg. I like to call it the fake news, because even when they manage to get the marbles out of their mouths, they sure as heck aren't reporting anything of relevance to my life.

Increasingly, local TV news is a waste of time and oxygen. I'd be better off tweaking my iPod playlists.

7:42 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

That's why more people are drawn to these radio entertainment shows that are no more than rightwing spin vehicles to get their 'news' about issues. UNfortunately, these shows are not much better as far as accuracy. Every single one of them, including Jay are bashing Kerry for insulting the troops when they should be bashing him for being a verbal retard!

5:00 PM

Blogger oomm said...

Thank God I'm not the only one thinking this. Sara's voice drives me up the wall, it's this breathy little girl thing like she's whispering. It's not a secret, you're not working a phone sex line, it's the news, speak up! I hate that newscast with a passion.

12:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH my Gosh, I completely agree! Channel 38 has got to be one of the worst. Sara Underwood has no brain and her voice is so annoying. Do you notice she always rolls her eyes at the others?

My biggest complaint on these Boston local news stations is the banter. The banter drives me crazy. In the morning they act like they had a daily dose of Prozac: "GOOD MORNING!!" And they all try to be comedians rather than simply report the news. My favorite part is when they tell you what to do: "GET OUT AND ENJOY THE DAY!", "TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!", "PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!" If only they would take a look at themselves. I don't need to hear what they think about the Red Sox or advice on issues, I just want to hear the news.
Lastly, they don't need more makeup, hair color, and extra veneers, they need a lesson on how to best deliver the news.

6:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah but i dont care, i watch the 38 news just to look at sara, i think shes gorgeous. if i want real news, i change over to 7 hehe

9:13 PM

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