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Dirty Tricks from Fox News?

In case you have any doubt about Fox News' right wing bias check out this little "mistake" from Bill O'Reilly's show last night. This went on for quite a while apparently, with Mark Foley indentified as a Democrat in the crawl. Now, of course, anybody paying attention knows Foley is a Republican, but that's not the point. Fox News is all about the subtle manipulation of the ignorant masses. The people who hear the 10 second sound bite that reinforces their already formed opinion. Or hear O'Reilly simplistic black and white solutions delivered with absolute certainty. Then spout the soundbites back as their own opinions, without any understanding of the complexities of the underlying issues.

Now, I'm not generally a conspiracy theorist, but after what I've seen from the Republicans and Republican-sympathetic media the last few years, I would put nothing past them. It's like the fraction of a second ad saying Eat More Popcorn that was slipped into drive-in movies in the 50s. I could see this as just one more Karl Rove inspired trick to subconsciously make the Fox News watchers think Democrat when they hear Republican.

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

The media is the massage, Cranky. The neocons have done an alarmingly good job of using media to mold the oppinion of the ignorant masses. I listen to all the radio shows just so I can pick up on the little buzz words that have been passed out to them to describe democrats more consistently. Doncha just love all the little potshots they take at the "driveby media", "academic elitists", "Islamofacists", etc?! To believe everything they say, you must distrust the mainstream media, all of public education and of course the evil democrats. Who's left but the "honest pervayers of truth" like Rush, O'Reilly, Graham et al! There's no doubt they have a well thought out plan to win control but what is the ultimate goal? Scary to think about. I just wish the democrats would put up more decent candidates instead of the annoying leftists they usually put out. They still don't get it, do they?!

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