A running rant about bad television, crappy products, horrible service, mindless politics, corporate and government ineptitude, moronic media, marketing overload, public idiocy, stupid entertainment, etc. Here's what's annoying me today:


Bush's simplistic slogans

Who needs a coherent policy on anything when you can boil every issue, no matter how complicated or controversial, down to three or four words, that nobody could possibly be against, and slap them up behind W. Then morons watching the news can say, "Yeah, he really does have a plan for victory. Look, the sign says it." Or, "You know what? I am an American and I am favor of jobs. This guy is alright." Not, many people are gonna say, "No, let's break our promise to Grandma," or "No, I think our schools are strong enough already. Let's weaken them."

These signs have followed Bush everywhere, almost since the beginning of his presidency. You may not understand what the hell he is talking about, but all you have to do is look at the sign, to know he is your man. Promoting a policy for the Republicans is no different than selling fast food. I'm lovin' it.

Of course, who could forget Bush's most infamous banner. The Mission Accomplished banner hung on the USS Abraham Lincoln, the night Bush delivered his speech announcing that major hostilities in Iraq were over. Let's see, that was about three years ago. Gee, the White House website seems to have gone to particular pains to scrub that banner from its page about that event. I'm surprised they still have the flight-jacket photo up there.

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Blogger blogagog said...

Totally! I mean sure, he's no Reagan (PBUH), but he's not doing all that bad, as you say. Sure, he's unable to stop the Democrats from continuing to destroy our social security in our not distant enough future, but who needs monetary assistance anyway! Sure, he's not able to fight for terrorist monitoring without a warrant, but heck, that's what courts are there for! I doubt that they have more important matters to attend to. He's lost the ability to spy on terrorist phone calls, but hey, it's the law, right?

His actions give us the option to believe that: despite 9/11, the muslims are a very peaceful group of people, and were only incited to do violence because of Bush. He always gets a high five for that one in the muslim world.

All joking aside:

WAKE THE F*** UP! Bad people are doing bad things against us! Let's take the minimal action of not accepting that. Partisanship is only funny when it doesn't cost the life of anyone. It has. WAKE UP.

(I would like to remain non-partisan, but will never remain non-patriotic. My time in Boston taught me at least that. Join us John. Enough is enough. We don't accept the religion of submission as the law. To quote Robespierre: "Viva la OMG America totaly rocks." Something like that, I'm not that good at French.

3:07 AM

Blogger STR said...

hhhhhhhmmmmmm ok.......

Nice blog, great points here. I dont know how about the republicans up in New England, but the ones down here have words such as these on their campaign signs. Such as "Bog Inglis for House" then below it it says "Regain Clarity". Its gotten to a point where every republican down here, there political sign has a "saying" underneath their name. Very very very very clever on their part.

8:22 AM

Blogger Cranky said...

Yeah campaign signs are one thing, but to dumb down every polciy statement made by the President into a three word slogan is even cheaper. As far as I know, there has never been another President that has had to resort to that to get his message out.

7:25 PM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

It's simply because the Nation has become complacent and dim-witted. The average American is fast loosing their competitive edge. Unions have ruined the US Auto and Airline industry. They have convinced workers, most of which are proud the graduated high school for goodness sakes that they are worth $50,000 - $75,000 annually with full benefits. And now look at the US! These workers are scared and for good reason. It used to be that our parents always tried to give us more than they had, this should be education, not video games. Our precious country is fast becoming illiterate and the joke of the free world. Bush has two word slogans because anything more complicated will not stay in the simple minds of uneducated Americans. We can change that for our kids.

10:48 AM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

The problem is America is cheap. We don't care enough to spend appropriately on education and we won't protect our borders from ignorant soon-to-be cheap labor streaming across our borders. We get much more excited about a ban on trans-fats....because it might interupt the snack supply than we do about maintaining the ability to keep jobs here. Our kids may no longer get a decent public eduction but by golly, they won't be poisoned by those Orea cookies and french fries no more!

10:15 AM


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