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Why Al Gore No Longer Sucks

How things change. Six years ago, I so couldn't stomach the man, that I purposefully threw my vote away and voted for Ralph Nader (It's OK, I live in Massachusetts, it's not like it could possibly have made any difference). One year ago, I wrote this. Today, as I look at the possibility of a Hillary vs. Romney match, Al Gore suddenly looks like the best of all possibly worlds. A smart, experienced, relatively moderate (he was once considered a Conservative) senior statesman, who was not only one of the first mainstream politicians to vocally raise alarm over the environment, but was also virtually the only prominent politician of either party (other than maybe Pat Buchanan) to loudly object to the Iraq war, and call it nearly exactly as it would pan out.

While Obama may indeed make a viable presidential candidate SOME DAY, with only 2 years experience as a Senator, I find it appalling that he is being seriously considered. Especially when the country can see what damage an inexperienced president can do.

As far as Hillary or Romney go, both are such phonies, and would be such awful candidates that I could not see myself voting for either under any circumstance. Shockingly, Al Gore seems like the country's best hope at this point.



Lost in the Hallmark store

Shopping for a Valentines or other card for the wife is just excruciating. I pick up one card after another & they just all suck. Mushy ones with full page poems are enough to make you puke. Funny ones are even worse. It's all pablum. I just stand there and reject each one the instant I pick it up. Now being a supposedly creative guy, I should just make something up myself, but I have a real hard time being creative in my spare time (possibly because I have no spare time!) so a day before V-Day I'm at the mercy of Hallmark.

I do feel for the people whose job it is to think this shit up day after endless day. Talk about creative burnout! It would be enough to make someone go postal! "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, If I have to write any more shit like this, I'm going to blow you all to Timbuktu"

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