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Disposable everything

I just went shopping for a new digital camera today. The LCD window on my two year old one broke, and it's not worth fixing. Nothing is worth fixing these days. Two years is about the maximum life expectancy of anything electronic. Either it breaks, and costs more to fix than its worth, or it just becomes obsolete. Cameras, cell phones, DVD players. Anything.

I don't know how many DVD and CD players I've gone through over the years. They just stop working, and it always costs more to fix than a new one costs. I don't even look into fixing these things anymore. I just buy a new one. Throw the old one away. More junk for the landfill.

I have a brief guilty conscious about adding more junk to the landfill, some nightmare flashes of humans being crushed out of existence by piles of dead electronics, and then just heave it. Go to Best Buy and buy another one.

It doesn't even pay to buy a good one anymore. Even the good die young. If its gonna die or become obsolete in a year, I might as well just buy the cheap one to begin with, and act like I'm just leasing it for a couple years. At the end of its two year lease, I'll just get another one. Horrible attitude, but that seems to be life in the electronic aisle.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man! Are you ever right on!

Nana in Brentwood, CA

12:48 AM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

To add insult to injury, look on the bottom. It will probably say "made in (communist) China". I thought these guys were our sworn enemies? Nothing stands in the way of making a fast buck on cheap electronics!

The picture reminds me of the big wall of appliances in "The Sandlot". I saw that for the first time over the weekend. Classic!

9:24 AM


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