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911 Calls

Why do we have to hear the 911 call for every fatal accident, or other tragic incident that happens? What does that add to the public discourse?

This morning Channel 7 (of course Channel 7, although no doubt the other stations did it too) felt it was newsworthy to play the 911 call of the little 12 year old boy that was killed crossing the street in Bridgewater. I changed the station. I have two little kids. I don't need to hear that crap that does nothing but sensationalize this poor family's tragedy.

They are just shameless.

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Blogger Jack Yan said...

I agree that’s pretty disgusting. Leave the families alone, I say. They are going through enough crap, and then to be exploited by these nutters. (It also gives fuel to people criticizing the ‘liberal media’, incidentally.)

1:07 AM


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