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Dope with a Capital C

Just had to call Capital One because my credit card had expired, and they never sent me a new one. Chances are they sent it, and I threw it out because nearly every day, I get some new credit card offer in the mail from them, and I just tear it in half and throw it away.

But that's not what I'm complaining about.

The person on the phone sounded like she never finished the third grade. I'd rather speak to someone in India with a brain, than to speak to some home grown idiot. How can a big company such as Capital One have people answer their phones that can't even speak. You know after the first two words out of their mouths that you are in trouble. And this isn't one of those right-wing rants about learning to speak English. She had no discernible accent other than moron-ese.

So she tells me they will send me out a new one because that one must be lost in the mail. I ask her "Well, will it have the same number?" "Yes" "What if someone finds the lost one. Won't they be able to use it?" That question totally stumped her, but she moved on to attempt to read me the script to sell me some new service (although I couldn't understand what it was) I didn't need.

You know, I've dealt with this company before, and I'm tired of them. I just got an Apple credit card that has a lower rate anyways, and so far at least they've been courteous and able to speak when I've had to deal with them. From now on I'm using that one for everything, until that bank pisses me off.



Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

Did you cancel the card? You should and see if you can get them to stop sending mail. Then tell us all how.

2:03 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Well, just to be balanced here, I'm no longer mad at Capital One. Got the new card, spoke to reasonably intelligent CSR, told them I wasn't using the card anymore because I had one with a lower rate, and they instantly lowered my rate from 15% to 7%. I'm sure there's a catch, but a little bit of courteous service goes a long way. I wish companies would remember that.

8:14 AM


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