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Sorry to get all "PC" on you, but...

Not to be politically correct or anything, but it struck me last night watching Jack Williams tease and report the story of the murder of a co-ed in New York City, that it's a pretty outdated use of the word co-ed in 2006. He referred to Imette St. Guillen, the NYC college student who was murdered in Brooklyn, at least three times on the 11:00 news as the New York co-ed. Interestingly the station's web site doesn't use the term at all.

It's a pretty strange term isn't it? I guess the use of the word must go back to the days when women were first admitted to what were previously all-male colleges. But in a day and age, when there must be nearly as many women as men in college, it seems pretty odd and sexist (again, sorry for being PC) to refer to any female student with a term that pretty much says "you're not quite equal." What's wrong with just New York college student? Guess it just doesn't sound as tabloidy.

I'm really surprised the PC police aren't all in a tizzy over this.

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Blogger blogagog said...

Wow, that is really strange! When someone says 'co-ed' I subconsciously replace it with 'girl'.

How weird is that? I don't think I even understand the purpose of the word.

10:31 PM

Blogger Jack Yan said...

You got it in one, Cranky Blogger: ‘co-ed’ sounds more tabloidy, and TV news is dependent on that to get it past a critical, financially driven producer.
   To Blogagog above—me, too!

1:17 AM


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