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Who is this Michael Graham dufus?

As a moderate liberal, I must confess that I often enjoyed listening to Jay Severin, and I really miss hearing him on WTKK. I know he's back on at 7:00, but I'm not listening to the radio at the hour. Jay was my guilty pleasure driving home from the office.

This guy Michael Graham they have on now is completely unlistenable. He sounds like a moron. Standard anti-liberal boilerplate. Like some dumb loud fratboy who knows nothing, but has an opinion on everything. His callers sound far from the "best and brightest" that Jay claimed his to be. Honestly I can't say more about his show than that, because, like Rita Cosby, I can barely stand to listen to his voice for two minutes. He was fired from his last gig, supposedly over some controversy, but more likely just because he sucked.

Jay, on the other hand, is immensely listenable. When I first heard him, and many other times while a listener, I was horrified by some of his ideas, and his crude descriptions of certain liberals: Ted Kennedy is a "fat socialist pig" or a "pantload." Illegal aliens are "crimaliens" The Clintons are described in whatever crude and ugly words pop into his head. Any time the Boston Globe or any other media outlet criticized him, he'd spend the whole show trashing them. Often, he'd be so over the top, I'd have to turn him off.

Yet, just as often, I'd learn something new, or think about an issue from the other side. And many times I'd find myself agreeing with him. And he was at least somewhat unpredictable. Unlike Graham or Sean Hannity, you weren't always 100% sure where he'd come down a particular issue. And he usually had an original argument for whatever the particular issue was. Sometimes it was a complete nut-job argument, but if nothing else it was entertaining radio.

Wish they'd put him back on at 5:00.

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Blogger 40 said...

I feel the same way about some of the guys here in Houston Talk Radio land, or AKA "Republican Radio".

Your Rita Cosby quote cracks me up because she is such a MAN. I am always looking for an adam's apple on her. Doesn't she sound like she's a man in drag? She might want to lay off the death sticks!

3:01 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

I agree with you totally on Michael Graham. He doesn't even sound qualified to have a radio show, I don't understand why they hired this guy. He is either trying to be like Jay and sucking at it, or he is trying to be like Rush and sucking at it, I can't decide. If he catches on then the conservative dumbing down of America is complete. Jay was a guilty pleasure of mine also and I could agree with him frequently. I can even listen to Rush if he's not having one of those days where he is doing a lot of liberal name calling. Unfortunately, he seems to be doing a lot more of that these days and he is not as interesting to listen to any more. I can't imagine listening to a whole 3 hour show and hanging on his every word as the gospel truth. Scary.

11:50 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

isn't funny how everyone is jumping on the bandwagon (except Rush) to bash Bush on the port control issue?! It's just another one of those things that has been going on behind our backs forever and now everyone is freaking out about the truth. I wonder if we'll go to an orange alert soon?!

4:23 PM

Blogger Stephen said...

Jay Severin kinda sucks. And not just because of your examples, which were correct. Don't be taken in by his mock politeness or occasional leftward tilt. He's a nutjob. And not an entertaining one.

His liberaltarian outlook (destroy the government/embrace anarchy) combined, in the oddest way, with "Nuke the entire Middle East" mentality, makes him 99% unlistenable. I checked in once a week to see if the stench was still there. It was, for the longest time.

I felt relieved when he was cut from the airwaves locally, but saddened that such a loser was picked up nationally (or is it just regionally?) At one point, he was on at 3 p.m., and so was a local liberaltarian on another station, making it impossible to hear good talk at that hour - ANYWHERE.

5:08 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

For some reason I still tune in to hear Graham talk in the afternoon. I guess it's just a leftover habit from when I listened to Severin. Graham drives me crazy though because he is such a hard on and like the majority of the conservative talk monkeys, never concedes a point to a listener. Case in point this week, he has been talking for three days about the Boston girl murdered in New York. He has been saying the same stupid line over and over about how she was not "asking for it" by doing what she did. He takes the line literally. I feel like calling him up and blasting him by saying "it's a figure of speech, you dufus!" Many people have been trying to explain what the current reality is to him, albeat unfair for women going out alone, drinking late at night but he is unmoved. I gotta listen to something else.

9:42 AM

Blogger Cranky said...

Actually, I'm suprised he's on that side of that issue. I listened to Jay for a while last night, and am sorry I ever said he was listenable. I guess I just said he was more listenable than Graham, which isn't saying much. Really I just like hearing Republicans bash Bush.

9:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the main I must agree that Jay Severin was my guilty pleasure as well. The drive time show on 96.9 was a good opportunity to hear Jay's unique perspective, I do not find myself listening to the radio much after 7pm. I further agree that Mr. Graham is sophomoric at best and often leaves me shaking my head in disbelief of his remarks. I miss the talk show hosts of yesteryear like Gene Burns on RKO. He was insightfull and informative without being overly dramatic or provocative. I think that type of intelectual radio is a thing of the past.

8:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Graham is terrible. I really wish they would fire him and hire someone smart.

10:35 PM

Anonymous Paulie42652 said...

Graham is an IDIOT...stupid simplifications and generalties that are so easy to POKE HOLES IN AND SHOW he is an IDIOT..but he won't let anyone except his listening base (Certified IDIOTS) venture an opinion. He will YELL SOME INANE GENERALITY AND CUT YOU OFF..this guy is the Worst..Not even FUN or provocative in Interesting Way...JUST AN IDIOT.

11:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to like Graham somewhat before now. When he started on the "John Edwards is using his wife's cancer as shameless political promotion" - that was it.

Obviously Graham nor anyone he knows has never been touched with cancer or he'd shut his fat mouth and think about what he was saying first. Family members lives and careers don't end because someone in their family has cancer. And I highly doubt Edwards is using her diagnosis as publicity for his own agenda as Grahama KNOWS he is. Does it get any lower than that?

The guy is a total loser and I hope and pray that they get rid of this piece of trash after that.

Also, TKK in general is getting redundant and boring, not to mention very negative. I don't listen every day anymore like I used too and I was a faithful listener for years.

12:30 PM

Anonymous Paulie42652 said...

Last week I heard Graham referring to people with anti firearms opinions as 'nothing but little whiney babies,' and then of course he is so talented he gives us an imitation of some WHINING. If anyone out there who has lost a loved one to gun violence heard him, and hung out at his studio to beat the ever loving shit out of him..IT WOULD BE A GLORIOUS DAY...

How can we get this Fing CREEP OUT OF BOSTON! Send him back to the South. This guy is just the worst, not even intelligent, just a mixer, say things to make people angry and then of course no one can have an OPEN MIC ON HIS SHOW TO DISPUTE HIM. This guy is the Worst. If WTKK wants a right wing idiot, Fine, get one with some brains and a little class. This guy has none of either..

3:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Graham really is an idiot. I tune him in every so oftem in my office, and turn him off within 10 minutes 9 out 10 times. Am I liberal? Sure, but this guy is as partisan as they come...natural truth my a$$!

11:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You liberal cry babies make rational people sick. John Edwards is an abulance chasing scum bag politician. Wether I have a gun or not is none of your n'er do well business. Liberals don't know how to pose a rational arguement. By poking holes you mean, changing the subject or throwing out emotion based illogic. All of that is bad enough but its your holier than thou pompous, self rightiousness that really takes the cake.

12:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yet most liberals can spell the word "whether"...hmm. Poking holes in an argument and wearing it down is the whole basis of debating--something Michael Graham and his brainless followers don't understand.

11:15 PM


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