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OK, Three posts on Quailgate is enough. Let's get off of politics for a while.

So, I was watching a story last night on the news about a case of Snow-rage. Somebody getting into a fight over a neighbor blowing snow in their driveway. I think the guy pulled out a baseball bat or something. Got me to thinking about the rage of rages in the media. Are there really more cases of rage, or is this just another way to package the news, just like Breaking News, and Alliteration Madness. Either way this is post-worthy.

Everyone knows about Road-rage. There was Rink-rage a couple years ago: Hockey dads getting into fights at their kids hockey games. There is Air-rage: Rage in airplanes. A quick search of recent news items finds the following types of rage:And a personal favorite: Grammy-rage: Paul McCartney allegedly going nuts and storming out of the Grammy Awards, because he got beat by U2.

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