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See Scott Squirm

This guy has got has got to be the worst press secretary ever. I'm just watching the nightly episode of "Beat Up Scott" on Countdown. Olbermann fills about six minutes of air time every night, just showing the press beating this guy up. Tonight is particularly entertaining since the subject is Cheney's gun accident.

I wasn't old enough to really remember Ron Ziegler, Nixon's press secretary during Watergate too well, but some days lately, Scott seems to be channeling him.

His answer to every question is "You'll have to check with [fill in the blank's] office", or "I don't have that information". He just stands up there looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, getting barraged by the press about whatever the day's particular scandal is. I'm not really saying this just because I hate Bush. He's completely over his head, and does not help Bush out at all. If anything, he helps the other side by being so bad, and letting the press corps get all riled up. I can't believe that any Republican would think this guy helps them out at all.

His predecessor Ari Fleischer was a master at handling the press, and stonewalling. He certainly had a more docile press corps at that point, but there was some tension during the run up to the Iraq War, and he just knocked the press right back to the ground when they even attempted to get tough.

Here's are a couple pretty funny websites devoted to Scott:
  • First one is an animated parody of a McClellan press conference.

  • Second one, is a site called We Love Scott McClellan. At first glance it seems to obviously be mocking him, but the more I read it, I'm not really sure. I think it might actually be a fan club. Can't really tell where the creator is coming from. Pretty funny to look at.

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Blogger STR said...

I'm so mad at you. You beat me to the punch, lol I was watching the news last night and the scott mclellan press release etc., and I got to thinking about writing a blog on him....he has the hardest job in america. Bush and Cheney and the boys do so much stupid shit, and mclellan is the one who has to explain it to everyone. I'm gonna compare his pic to George Costanza though, haha Nice blog

11:22 AM

Blogger Cranky said...

Sorry for moving in on your Separated at Birth concept. Yes, he does have the hardest job in American, but he's really terrible at it. Joe Lockhart had to deal with some of the the same shit through Clinton's blowjob impeachment, but from what I remember, he handled it a lot better than this guy. Of course the conservatives (Blogagog and Trustee of Truth) will say that's because "the liberal press" was on his side

12:00 PM

Blogger 40 said...

Great post. Love the pictures of the two of them. Definitely channeling. The Bush Administration hates the media so much and he is the daily evidence of that fact.

10:58 PM

Blogger STR said...

My Scott McClellan blog is up and running today. The guy will folks that i ask a question to, he use to be Gov. Mark Sanfords former press secretary here in S.C. and he does some blogging.

11:36 AM


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