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What's this cartoon protester thing all about?

I usually like to think I'm pretty aware of what's going on in the world, but sometimes life is so busy that I just miss stuff. Like I have no idea what this cartoon protester thing is about. I've seen headlines on my home page, and caught two-second blurbs about it on the radio. But with two little kids, I rarely have time to see any of the national network news. I usually catch a few minutes of a right wing slant of the news on talk radio on my way home. I try to watch part of Countdown to get the leftward slant of the news. I watch the late local news, which mainly just covers car crashes and local scandals. So sometimes a week goes by, where all I know is the headline, and right now, this is what I picture when I hear cartoon protesters. Maybe I'm spending too much time blogging.

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Blogger blogagog said...

It's about cheese danishes. Muslims hate them. I know it sounds silly, but it's true. Here's the proof. I can vouch for the website as being incredibly accurate.

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