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Too much figure skating

Every four years, I have the same gripe with the Olympics coverage. Just too much damn figure skating. I have zero interest. I just watched the final race of the snowboard cross, a new event this year, that was just awesome. But now it's back to more figure skating.

Enough already. Give me more snowboarding.

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Blogger STR said...

ha, i totally agree with you on this one. its about as bad curling, well i dont know, i think curling might be a little better! I wrote a blog on that yesterday

9:17 AM

Blogger Cranky said...

Yeah, curling is so silly, that it's kind of entertaining. How do you become a curler, anyway. It's not like kids are on the curling team in high school, or say "I want to be a curler when I grow up" is it?

10:14 AM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

Cranky, finally we got a winner who is articulate, well mannered and intelligent. Seth Wescott won gold in the Snowboardcross. All of his press is good and he well represents Americans and snowboarders unlike the girls, not women, who won medals in the half pipe. Although Snowboardcross is a ridiculous event to begin with and typifies the American way, at least it’s fun to watch. I also agree that Curling is a bit soft and figure skating should be banned. Soon they will have men in drag figure skating it’s become so gay!

4:51 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Yes, Seth is a bit better spoken than Hannah T, I'll admit. She was on Letterman last night, and sounded pretty stupid. I still like Gretchen, though.

But did you watch that last border cross race. It was awesome. Just like you, me and the boys racing down Cannon to the bar. I don't agree that it is a ridiculous event. It was beautiful.

5:01 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

When I saw the bordercross races, I wanted to be there! I pictured us screamin down the mountain together like old times! I would much rather watch this than the downhill event. What happened to 'Boredie' Miller?! The big hopeful turned out to be a big disappointment. Could have been more interesting if you had two or three of them nudging each other out around the curves! Can you believe Jacobelis screwed the pooch on the end of her race when she boned the landing on the last jump?! Doh!! Curling is just too ridiculous to watch. Any sport that uses a broom is not a sport, it's cleaning!

I do agree about the figure skating. There's just too much coverage and sorry, it is kinda gay. While I was typing this out tonight though, it came on again and I saw a Canadian couple throw the woman to the ice on her hip. The pain, the pain! Matter of fact, they all started falling and it was more exciting to see if they were going to fall each time. It was kind of like watching NASCAR for the big crashes! In the end, I have no real interest either.

11:32 PM


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