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Powerball Madness (again)

It's another record jackpot in the Powerball, which no doubt means it will be the top story on the local news tonight. A little free advertising for government-sponsored gambling. More encouragement for the lowest in society to go spend their welfare checks on a 146 million-to-one shot of hitting the jackpot.

The story will be more important than 1800 people killed by a mud slide in the Philippines, more Americans dead in Iraq, or even the Entwistle murder case. And the damn Powerball isn't even sold in Massachusetts.

So here's how it stacks up on the local stations tonight:

At 6:00:
  • Channel 4: Not quite the lead, but they got to a full report by 6:05 before the first commercial break.

  • Channel 7: Didn't get to the Jumbo Jackpot story until 6:17, but they did have the Olympics to promote. They also teased it before every commercial break.

  • Channel 5: Took until after 6:20, surprisingly AFTER the mudslide story.
At 10:00 Channel 56 had the story of Powerball Fenzy by 10:06

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Geez man, do you like have three TVs going at once when you watch the news?! You're a nut about this stuff!!

11:09 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Yeah, I'm little bit nuts. Just gotta have the facts to back up my theories, though man. Actually they didn't hype this as much as usual, although I think they made up for it after the drawing when they knew there was only one winner. Was the top story on a bunch of the morning fluff shows.

10:52 AM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

It seems like that lotteries in general just prey upon the delusional dreams of those who know they will never have any money. The group of folks that won this were all the kind of folks you want to win this kind of money (excluding ourselves of course). I think the immigrant guys said they were sending the money back to Thailand to help the economy there...I've heard people justify the purchase of mass quantities of tickets in many ways; improving the odds (?!), makes it more exciting, oh and of course the "can't win if I don't play argument. You don't win any way if you do play in most cases, that's why they can give away so much money to the winner. I look upon the lottery as a voluntary tax on the desperate!

4:20 PM


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