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You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie

Turns out Bush may have been right about something for once. The video released yesterday of a briefing of President Bush by former FEMA Director Michael Brown immediately before Katrina hit, shows Brown fully engaged, fully aware of the potential catastrophe approaching, and hauntingly accurate as far as his predictions of what could happen. Maybe his training as International Arabian Horse Association commissioner did some good afterall. Certainly more than Bush's qualifications to be President (remind me again what those qualifications were?) Bush asked not a single question during the briefing, yet assured local authorities that the Government was fully prepared to handle the situation.

Then of course weeks later, Bush, along with Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff would deny that there was any way the scope of the disaster could have been anticipated, and would set Brownie up to be the scapegoat.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, do you expect that he has the time to micro-manage?

2:12 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Yeah, I guess you are right. He's too busy mismanaging his war, to worry about mismanaging a lousy hurricane.

3:15 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Either way, Norlins gonna be chocolate city!

4:44 PM

Blogger blogagog said...

As a Looosianan, I was STUNNED by the amount of National Guard help that arrived after the hurricanes. I mean, they were giving out mre's and hot meals about every 2 miles on every road in southern Louisiana. You realy had to see it to believe it. Unfortunately, I bet you didn't see it :(

Obviously Nagin could have bussed more people out of New Orleans, and Blanco could have let the guard in earlier. I'm not sure what Bush or Brown could have done quicker without Blanco's support, although maybe they could have. But blaming any of the various governments for this tragedy is nothing but politics. A city of half a million went under water for christ's sake! The fact that only 1k people died is strong evidence that help was available.

Could they have ideally entered New Orleans a few days earlier? Sure. But I don't think any lives were lost by the delay. They were lost by the breech in the levy, or standard hurricane reasons.

10:13 AM

Blogger Cranky said...

Certainly Bush couldn't have done much more personally to help out, but the CEO always takes they heat for the way a crisis is handled. Brown was clearly set up as the fall guy after the shit hit the fan, so after seeing what a doofus he was portraid as, it was surprising to see how on top of things he seemed at least in that video. Just once, it would be comforting to hear Bush talk and feel like he had the slightest clue as to what he was talking about.

2:29 PM

Blogger blogagog said...

That's never going to happen cranky :(. I agree with the majority of his policies, but I'll never expect him to look bright.

7:09 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

This was just another example of antisemitism....The whole crisis was blamed on the poor Levies!

I thought for a while that Bush wasn't the focus of the real problem with the Republicans, it's the religious right wing that has taken over that party. He may look like a dunderhead whenever he gets in front of a camera but I don't blame him for the New Orleans disaster. Aas usual, it's a combination of bad info, bad local management and poor quality engineering. You never here about the Netherlands going under water even though the whole place is below sea level. perhaps they should invite some Dutch engineers to go down and design levies that won't disintegrate.

12:35 PM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

Damn liberal media. I was pleased to see someone from the affected area comment. Your right, up here in Boston we didn't see a thing except for the media’s spin on a disaster. It's true, a city went under water and only 1000 people were lost (no disrespect). I do remember seeing the media interviewing many folks that said they were going to stay. Why? Because the damn media blew everything out of proportion most of the time and a lot of folks didn't seem to expect such a big storm. The media is like the boy who cries wolf.

4:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christ the only thing worse than the liberal media are those conservative talkers. All they do is spin the news way right. Capitalism solves all problems. Money should decide every issue. Trustee must be a trust fund baby, hence the name. Lucky you.

5:56 PM


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