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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

So just in time for the Sopranos return on Sunday, I had to up the cable bill to near $100 bucks a month. That's just nuts. We cancelled HBO last year since we weren't really watching it that much, and the cable bill was getting ridiculous. Only ended up saving about $14 a month. In the year since, the cable bill has crept back up to almost where it was. Today I call to see how much its going to cost to add it back, and after a 3 month "special offer" it's $26 bucks a month to add HBO. So $14 a month to cancel it. $26 a month to get it back. What's the deal with that!

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Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

Head my warning and refrain from becoming obsessed with getting a deal on HDTV. I probably wasted 400 hours of my life surfing the internet endlessly for a glimmer of hope. In the end, you will realize that cable and satellite TV are a necessary evil and there is no deal. I reluctantly keep my cable all the while wishing I had the will power to live a simpler life. I dreamed of the days when a man could be satisfied to tinker in his basement on meaningful projects instead of becoming a “vidiot” (new word to describe the glazed look that overcomes educated people who knowingly place them in front of televisions for entertainment.) Yes, to be able to tinker, that's the life.

9:31 AM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Someone said a long time ago about Ma Bell, "We don't care, we're the phone company!” Today, that appears to be the cable companies. They know they're essential to the current lifestyles of Americans and as TOT said, there is no deal. As Big Al used to say, "Like it or lump it!" The only time you get a break is when they screw up. My brother-in-law had free cable for 5 years because the previous owners never turned it off! They actually got rid of it altogether because their son was a blank-faced drone in front of it and it caused all sorts of problems! To this day, they don't have anything but an antenna for local channels!

10:03 AM

Blogger leif said...

Wasn't it Mao who said "HBO is the opiate of the masses"? I too lament that I have become a vidiot when there are so many more meaningful projects I could be tinkering with ( meaningful projects? how 'bout just having sex, for god's sake! ) while the cable company stands with their foot on my neck.

Hopefully we'll actually get VoD over a stable high-speed connection for a reasonable price some time soon so we can pay for what we actually want to watch and not for the infomercials and niche-marketed specialty channels ( really, does duct tape deserve its own channel? ) we're currently financing while we sleep.

10:25 AM

Blogger leif said...

P.S. Love the "thumbs down" graphic you've added!

10:27 AM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

Cranky, now your precious APPLE is promoting video on their IPODS. I was appalled to see Apple add video to the Ipod. My thought was “such a waste.” Who would actually buy such a device, well it didn’t take long before a family member was preaching to me about how his daughter and her friend were able to watch video on a 1.5” screen on a recent trip to Florida. Gee wiz, I remember flying as a kid and the airplane itself seemed interesting. Now kids need to see the video as they fly to think it’s real and keep their attention. Did God make ADD or did Man make ADD?

11:13 AM


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