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My clients are driving me crazy today

Note to client with attached image: They may not have the frame we wanted in the right resolution. They are checking. This is an alternate shot that they do have. Do you like this shot OK?

Client: Can we use this photo larger? I am not happy with the size it is in this e-mail. Really doesn't give you a bang for the buck. What if I find a photo in a gardening book. Can you scan and use with credit to book? Call the publisher for permission?

Client friendly note I sent back: Yes, it will be a full page like on the previous comp. That's as big as I have it right now. Just for you to see the image.

Note I wish I could send back: You moron. How long have you been doing this job? This is a low res version in an email for you to approve the fucking photo of the pretty flower. Do you like the pretty flower photo, or do you hate the pretty flower photo? That's all I'm asking. I have to buy the photo in the right size, once you tell me its OK. Of course its going to be bigger than this. Do you want me to email you the 35 megabyte file, so you can see? How come you didn't ask me if it was going to have words across it in the magazine. And no, I'm not scanning a photo out of your fucking gardening book.

This is why my blog is semi-anonymous



Blogger leif said...

Laugh out loud ( I had to use the entire phrase, your post was too funny for just an acronym ).

How many times have I sent a client a pencil sketch and had them reply, "but the final is going to be in colour, right?"

I kid you not.

9:16 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Oh, I believe you. I gave up trying to get this client to use illustration at all. That's just the kind of thing they would ask. They once wanted an illustrator to hand letter the name of a building on a 1" spot illustration.

9:54 PM

Anonymous johnny h said...

Cranky. The stories we could tell.
I had similar "I need the pictures bigger" in
the film days.
Now I have traffic coordinaters asking me "can you scan this?" as they thrust a cd at me.

same shit different career

11:06 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Is this THE Johnny H?

9:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh thanks so much for the belly laugh. Thank you. Thank you.

8:41 PM


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