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Does Jim Braude really drink Carnation Instant Breakfast?

Isn't it funny how talk radio hosts in Boston just happen to have such personal feel-good relationships with their advertisers?

I like to listen to Eagan and Braude on WTKK while driving around at lunch time. Today, I get in the car and turn on the radio to hear what the topic is. Jim is all fired up about something. Some liberal crusade? Some sleazy politician? Nope. He's all excited about Carnation Instant Breakfast. He goes on for almost two minutes about how he drinks it every morning, and how it provides all he needs to start off his day. He couldn't live without it. He's not just reading ad copy, he's telling you something he really believes in, just as if it were a topic on his show.

On the way home, I learn that Michael Graham gets his carpets cleaned by Kennedy Carpet Cleaners. He tells us about how much he's learned about carpet cleaning techniques while rapping with the guys cleaning the carpets at his house. They even call him by name. "Hey Michael, this is how we get those carpets so clean. Come take a look."

And I've heard many times from Mike Barnicle about his "good buddies" at Lexington Toyota. He can talk for two minutes about how great these guys are. It's like getting a personal testimonial from your next door neighbor about Vinny at the corner service station, and what a great job he does on your car.

It's all such bullshit. I mean, obviously all advertising is bullshit, but this somehow crosses the line. These are guys people supposedly listen to because they are talking to you straight. Exposing corrupt politicians, or bad government policies. Yet in the next breath, in the very same voice and schtik as on their shows, they are selling you some completely bullshit testimonial about a product they've probably never used. They are all ad-libbed and delivered in first-person to sound just like the show.

I don't place a ton of authority in any of these guys, but Braude is pretty smart. Doesn't it take away a bit from his credibility to hear him segue so smoothly from a passionate defense of some liberal issue like gay marriage to a faux-passionate sales job for why he can't live without Carnation Instant Breakfast?

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

That's why I can count on my good friends at 'Bullshit Repellent'! Whenever one of these talk radio hosts shifts into vendor mode, the station changes like magic! Try them today and don't forget to tell them that I sent ya!

8:37 AM

Blogger leif said...

This is the radio equivalent of the print media's "advertorial". At least in print they have an iota of ethics left and include that line of mice type saying "paid advertisement" along the top edge or somewhere.

I also despise this radio talkshow advertorial crap, even worse when they do mock interviews with staged questions with the doctor who's cosmetic surgery ads just happen to run in the 15 minutes after the segment or the holiday advisor who's travel packages "coincidentally" are advertised after the interview. The same talkshow hosts do these interviews without missing a beat and no voiceover warns you that what you're about to hear is really an infomercial.

12:24 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

So many people used to rave about Paul Harvey ("Good Day!") but he always sounded like an endless commercial to me. He would tell story after story and before you knew it, he was telling you that 'Roach Proof' will kill a million roaches like it did for that lady in Miwaukee or whatever. Drove me nuts!

8:24 PM


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