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Most ridiculous co-branding example of the week.

I could do a whole blog on the stupid shit I see at the grocery store. Who thinks up this shit? What marketing moron actually came up with the idea to print Trivial Pursuit questions in the frosting of Pop-Tarts? How can such a retarded concept be born? Sure dual-branding is epidemic. There is Scope in my Crest, Downey in my Tide, and every kind of trade-marked cookie and candy bar imaginable in my ice cream. It's just the next step in the conspiracy to stretch the toothpaste aisle (or in this case, the toaster pastry aisle) another 10 feet. But who the fuck is going to buy a package of Part-Tarts in order to get in a quick game of trivia at the breakfast table.

As I've said before: All marketing people are idiots. As several commenters previously pointed out: Brand managers are a few steps dumber.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are they actually printed on the poptarts themselves?! Blechhh! I guess they trying to reel in those fence sitters who want to eat them but feel bad about buying junk. Oh wait, they have trivia on them so I can improve my mind while I eat.....

2:39 PM

Blogger archeress said...

we figured out at my house that the ingredients to pop tarts are about the same as you find in one of those "energy" bars, so no guilt. we eat them now and then. they should advertise to adults on the package, considering how many of us eat them. how about a 401K tie-in? that would make more sense to me.

1:44 PM


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