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It feels drafty in here

Bush's Secy. Of Veteran Affairs: “I Think That Our Society Would Benefit” From Reinstating Draft...

Then of course he clarified "of course I don't support the draft"

But mark my words, it's going to happen. Plenty of talk lately about increasing the size of the military, but the draft is the elephant in the room. No one dare mention it, except maybe McCain. But with the mess Bush has made of the military and the state of the world, it's inevitable. It probably will be left to the next Democrat president to do it, thereby forcing the Democrats to get the blame for it, but it's coming down. And to my Republican friends, who like me, have a kid that will probably be just the right age to be affected some day, just rememberer that you twice voted for the bafoon that is the cause of it.

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Of course now that they lost the house and senate and it looks like we will start bringing guys home, they roll out the new/old boogieman, Iran as the one behind all the bad things in Iraq. So much so that Al Qaeda has to come out with another cheesy video screaming for attention! After the special commission report we thought maybe there would be some admitions and change but noooooo! Bush is steadying the course, let's not let any FACTS get in the way of your plans now. It's officially a religious war, people, the new crusade. The good news is there is only two years left of this and by then the nation will be so sick of it, we may get a bigger swing to the left than most people would want and I'll bet ya we'll be complaining about that too in a few years.

10:25 PM

Blogger 40 said...

Have a great year sir. Hope you keep telling us what sucks in 2007.


2:28 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Canada is only 2 hours away by car. I hope my kids don't mind learning to speak French.

2:14 PM


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