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New Menu Option from Bertucci's

It's not listed on the menu anywhere, and I haven't seen it advertised yet, but looks like Bertucci's has a new menu item to introduce. Broccoli and olives. Mmm. I hadn't eaten there since my last Bertucci's sucks post, but I figured the 6 month probation period was over and I ordered a sandwich there today. Usual confused person at the counter, and instead of the usual pasta salad side, this is what I got. A container with four dry pieces of steamed broccoli and three black olives. Yum, what an appetizer for my chicken panini sandwich. Camera phone picture makes it all the more appetizing. Best lunch surprise I've had since I found a 2" piece of wood in my sushi salad from Not Your Average Joe's back before I had a blog to rant about it on.

Addendum: My god, I just read the new menu, and this is actually what they MEANT to serve. I wrote this whole thing sarcastically thinking this was a mistake, that it was something that was meant to go on somebody else's pizza or something. But the menu clearly states that the sandwiches now come with "broccoli salad". This is what they call broccoli salad? A couple droopy pieces of steamed broccoli and 3 dry olives? Yuk!

Now, I'm not a broccoli hater like Papa Bush, but I can't even imaging a vegetarian finding this dish appetizing.

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

The broccoli dish looks yummy! What creativity! Seriously though, I haven't had much issue with Bertucci's. I get the Caesar salad with chicken or another chicken dish whenever I go and haven't had a problem. I still love the warm bread and oil appetizer too. There must be a worse restaurant than this.

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