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Indoor Baseball

Exhibit A why indoor baseball sucks. The Metrodome in Minneapolis. I guess the good people of Minneapolis (my favorite city that I've never been to) have finally wised up, and are in the process of replacing this Hindenburg. But for the time being, it still stands, and contributes horrors like the play that just happened to baseball.

David Ortiz absolutely crushes a ball. It's a sure home run. But no. It hits these mammoth speakers hanging from the inflated ceiling, falls straight down, and is ruled a single. Un fuckin' believable. The ball would have landed in the upper deck. And worse, apparently the rules say that if it is caught, it would have been an out.

Why do they need an indoor baseball stadium in Minneapolis anyways. Apparently it's for the football side. The relic was built in 1982, in the heyday of building dual purpose baseball & football stadiums. One of the stupidest trends of all time. Thankfully, most cities that have built these dinasaurs have finally realized that baseball shouldn't be played in a football stadium, and football shouldn't be played in a baseball stadium.

But alas, we don't have to worry about any of this here in Boston, because we have our beloved Fenway.

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Gomes got a homer for the Devil Rays last night because he hit the "C ring" in the ceiling of their park. Apparently the rules of baseball is going to have an appendix added to for indoor park rules.

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