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Just What I Needed (Not!)

If Ric Okasek decided to get the original Cars back together and tour, the chances that I would go see the show would be about point-five percent.

Like most people who went to college in the 80s, the Cars were certainly a part of the soundtrack of my life. I was never a huge fan, but I owned many of their albums on vinyl, and generally liked most of their songs. But I saw them in concert a couple times, and was underwhemed both times. They were a studio pop band, and to me it just never translated very well to the stage.

So add 25 years, and how does their music hold up? Not very well. You know how I know this? It's the age of the IPod. I have 1000+ songs on my IPod. I have made quite the effort to round out my primary music of choice (postpunk, power pop, and alternative country) with good tunes and even guilty pleasures from every other genre. So in addition to The Replacements, Old-97's, and Fountains of Wayne, my IPod contains everything from Dean Martin to the Monkees to Duran Duran. I even have a Tom Jones song, a Tony Orlando and Dawn song and a couple Neil Diamond songs. Yet I have not a single Cars song.

Now to some degree that is probably an oversight, but their stuff just does not hold up very well.

So what would be less interesting than a reuinted Cars tour? How about The New Cars. What a ridiculous concept! Ric Okasek was smart enough to sit this one out, but original guitarist Elliot Easton and keyboardist Greg Hawkes must have needed some cash bad, so they hooked up with Todd Rundgren, a relic of an even earlier era, and a couple other members of his band to go on tour as The New Cars.

Now who the hell would go to see this? If there were still any diehard Cars fans, why would they go to a show without Ric Okasek? It's friggin crazy. The best people could hope for, I guess, would be for them to roll out Todd's one hit "Hello It's Me" a song that probably actually holds up better than any of the Cars songs.

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

The Cars were played to death in 1980! I don't listen to them any more nor do I have them on my iPod. However, do you really think Tony Orlando holds up better than they do?! Tie a yellow ribbon around this! You're a mess!

1:18 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Not Tie a Yellow Ribbon, but I do have a soft spot for "Knock Three Times"

Yes, I am a mess.

2:20 PM

Blogger Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, they Car themselves up all they want, but regardless of what sort of muscianship they have, without Ocasek is just isn't The Cars, nor is it a descendant of The Cars.

Mind, you, I was never a fan of the group: during the 80's my little brother played them. Constantly. At top volume. These days, they have an ironic charm. Back then I almost gagged when I heard them.

The Used Cars? The After-Markets? The Accessories, maybe.

And has anyone gone by Ben Orr's grave to see if he's a-spinnin' in it?

6:20 AM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

How about 'Hoping for Name Recognition'?! These guys are so tired, it's pathetic. I can understand why Ric Okasek didn't join them because he has new material coming out and he WAS the Cars. On his web site, his new material and videos can be reviewed. They're not bad but I won't be running out to the store for the music.

11:02 AM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

The Cars debut album was the first album I bought for my first stereo in 1978. Every track on that album is still today a classic. You can’t help but love “My best friend’s girl” or “Good Times Roll” (My class theme song in 1979). Therefore, because of my love for tradition and nostalgia, the first song I downloaded to my Ipod was “Good Times Roll”. In fact, I think that will be the name for my next boat.

2:34 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

So, Trustee. Maybe you can round up some tickets to The New Cars, and get the both together again. I'm sure there will be planty left. Hey, you got me to see The Eagles. I'd go to The New Cars, if it was a night out with the boys.

By the way, I did by a Cars tune for my IPod, just so I'd have one. Touch and Go. I was actually into Panarama more than any of the earlier albums at the Burg.

9:59 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Panorama was dog for them, wasn't it?! The beginning of the end?! In truth, I never heard the whole album so can I borrow it?! TOT, are you saying that you finally got your FIRST boat? Did you have your choice of colors?! Would the wife let you name it what you want? I think I already saw "Good TImes Roll" on a boat up here in Winnepesawkee while out cruisin with Jude.

8:50 AM


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