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Contractors Suck

Our house is a money pit, and a magnet for bad contractors. We've owned it for about eight years. Put about as much money into it as we originally paid for it, and still aren't finished. We've hired at least two of the worst contractors in the Boston area, had to threaten to sue one in order to get enough money back to fix all the shit he fucked up. And now that we finally have gotten the fat fuck to give us some money back, we now have to find someone that we can trust to do the next phase of the job. Of course now we don't trust ANYONE.

The next phase involves reshingling the entire house. Over the last couple weeks, I've gotten quotes and time estimates from several contractors. One estimates that the job will take two weeks. Another estimates that the job will take three months. Now what am I supposed to do with that fucking information. Two weeks sounds like they will ship in a whole crew of illegal aliens, who will madly rip the house apart & throw up the shingles, about as good as the fuckhead who did them the first time. Three months seems to work out to about $100 per shingle.

This is the case with everything. After getting screwed so bad the last time, I research everything to death. Every builder who comes out, I ask more or less the same questions. Every one answers them differently. Every one tells me that the guy who told me something different doesn't know what he's talking about.

What's a poor homeowner to do, but learn how to do everything himself, so he doesn't have to live at the mercy of these assholes.

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

What do the contracts look like? Is there any kind of liability put onto the builders? Is it just a no guarantees sort of agreement? I don't remember having this much trouble with a builder but I guess I got lucky. We had one do our bathroom and a couple other jobs. he was great but of course, he moved away to North Carolina!

9:56 AM

Blogger Rikki said...

ever see that movie with tom hanks called money pit?
I hope not, it sucked.

8:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the scene when the plumber pulls up in a limo and rolls down the window a crack to give them an estimate?!

9:45 AM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

What’s a poor homeowner to do? Make a fucking decision you looser! Contractors can sense your indecision and worrisome nature. If contractor A has a 3 month time period and contractor B has a 2 week period, how many guys do each have? More workers equate to a faster job and not necessarily a bad job. Did you agonize this long when you were dating? What say you Sick of the Ex? Also, this is another good reason to carry firearms. If you need to borrow my NRA cap to wear while negotiating, let me know!

1:59 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Job 1) learn to spell; l-o-s-e-r. Job 2) there’s a reason why Lowes and Home Depot are so popular; nobody wants to have some scumbag contractor ripping them off! Your job is to consider doing it yourself. This is not a new concept; remember Grossman's and the Plywood Ranch?! Don't have time to do it yourself or you feel like you're "above that" now?! Consider then Job 3) don’t look like a 'mark' when the contractor comes to your home. Trustee is correct when he says that they can smell indecision and like any weasel, will work it to his advantage. They also think they are the toughest guys out there and will try to get you to agree to things you may not like. Know exactly what you want, accept no compromises and get anything you can in writing to reduce wriggle room. Wear a Harley Davidson t-shirt or jacket so they know you're bad. Refer back to the contract when you sense any backpedaling. They deserve no mercy.

Dating was a long and agonizing process but marriage is a lot of begging!

4:45 PM

Blogger Lee said...

You talk about the bad contractor what about the bad clients. Take a look the contractors are now going to clean up the industry on thecontractorsside.com.

11:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like all those other morons who waste a contractor's time by calling 10 of them to ask 100 questions. Don't you think they see though your silly game. You Idiot!! Moron!! Do it yourself if it so easy.

4:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

couldn't agree with you more. We are honest homeowners who happen to have a really bad Realtor. We had spent more than double the original house price to fix the house and I still don't see the end of it. The first two contractors cost us the most. They lied to us about the total price and half way through the work they changed their price. After twice required deposits, they told us they need more. We fired them. But the later contractors who did finish the job told us they could have finished the job half of the money the first guy actually got! I don't blame you for looking for 100 estimates. I just have a job which doesn't give me much time to shop around too much. But then what I got, the first two bad contractors who cost me 30,000$ to just finish some piping work and sheet rock the bathroom. Why? Because as a honest computer guy, I had assumed people who got your check would do the work as they promised. But it is not true! Not every body is a born tough negotiator!

1:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Glen Echo, Maryland. I hired a painting contractor named Triny Portillo, phone number 703-461-3905. He came into my home and molested by daughter. He was convicted and spent 1 year in jail. He was then deported back to his country, the shithole called El Salvador, but is back in the U.S. illegally and back to work again as a contractor. This is a warning as to the kind of scumbags that are out there. Don't let this one into your home.

12:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a single mom who is trying to start a business from home. I called several contractors on putting and installing a side garage door so I can run my business from there. After all investigations I decided to go with the one who repeatedly told me to be carefull who I choose make sure they are insured and they have a licenced business blah blah blah. Seemed honest and sincere and explained to me how he too has kids and theres nothing more important then a contractor who can do the job right without being hosed into alot of money blah blah blah. I got a card from him, I looked him up on the internet, i got a quote. I hired him.....and I lost!
Long story short.....a building inspector came in. He installed an unlevel door, had cracked my foundation, ripped the black weeping plastic from the walls so now water can leak in. He put the wrong 2 by 4s for the frame and cracked bricks at top of doorway and didnt leave enough height to put a sub floor and left my garage as white as a flour factory from the dust of the demolition. Can I get him back here to fix.....No.........did he sign the recipt........no.......did i become a sucker......yes.....People its a valuable lesson. Pay the extra money...its your home..the biggest investment of all. I am out of money........pay the true pros. Go to home builders, go to home depot go professional with high recommendations and go to bbb's. I'm out $1500.

10:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contractors (at least in the Boston area) really do suck. They're all criminals and substance users. I have been screwed by every single contractor I have ever brought into my house. I finally decided that I should just buy some used equipment on ebay and did it myself. Even though I had zero experience I did a far better job than any of the previous contractors ever did. I saved thousands of dollars and a great looking house. And you wanna know the best part of DIY? The installers a woman, shows up on time, speaks english, and doesn't rip you off!

7:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My GOD!! Your contractor moved to California and is working on my house now.. It's been hell and I can totally empathize with you.. I purposely googled "my contractor sucks" to see if other people have gone through the same bullshit...
I interviewed 4 contractors.. 3 were referred!! and I chose who I thought was the best of the lot and ended up with one idiot contractor and his crew are the 3 stooges!....

12:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

..99% of contractors suck because the type of person who does this type of work for a living tends to be an illiterate bastard. And unfortunately, the 1% of good contractors out there are not the ones who end up working on your house.

2:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I sold my house and never want to own a house again as long as I live. They are constant money-sucking pains in the ass, as far as I am concerned. I live in an apartment now, pay rent, don't have to worry about fixing anything, and I love it. If something goes wrong, I call the landlord and let him deal with it. Sell the f-ing house and live life without the stress.

2:06 AM

Blogger Tim said...

As a General Contractor on Cape Cod, let me take this opportunity to apologize for the behavior of a few of my "fellow contractors". I make my living in this industry trying to prove that not all contractors are unscrupulous and inept. We do the best we can to police our industry and weed out those that tarnish ALL of our reputations. We join our local Home Builders Associations, we carry proper insurances and licenses, join Better Business Bureaus, etc. As consumers, there are things we can do too that will help us move toward a positive building experience. Ask as many questions as possible. Communication is so crucial in this partnership. Make sure you fully understand any contracts before you sign them. Check customer references, ask for trade references if possible. Don't give more than 30% of the job up front. It is illegal for us to ask for more than that in the state of Mass. Make sure proper permits are pulled, they MUST be posted in a visible place on EVERY job. Just do your due diligence and you will at least have a fighting chance. If all else fails and you get burned, know that the state has support for you. Google search the "Home Improvement Contractors Guarantee Fund, Massachusetts" and learn more.

Not all builders are bad builders. It only takes a few to spoil the bunch. I hope this helps..

1:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with some of these posters? Why the misdirected anger and imbecility? I wish Truth would take his gun and shoot people like himself, and then turn it towards his own head and rid the world of his disease.

I'm sorry for your issue. It sucks to have a home falling apart and contractors out there taking advantage of you. Work ethics have plummeted to a despairing level these days. I'm not sure anyone is honest anymore. But if there are some left, I hope you find them and get your home all fixed!

6:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a reason the word CON is in front of tractor

9:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you about many contractors. There are some that are amazing but the majority are horrible. When you find a good one you have to hold on to them because they are not the norm.

2:41 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had deal with three contractors in the past. The first one asked for $800 deposit and disappeared. The second one only finished 90% of the project and never returned. He asked for all the money because it's Christmas time and I though he would be back. The third one kept ask for more money and threaten to stop in the middle of the project. I would go to Home Depot next time.

12:44 PM

Blogger MAXO Studio said...

The satisfaction you get from doing the job yourself if amazing. Every job you do and tool you buy empowers you that much more. Also, with youtube and the internet you can educate yourself in minutes.

We've been remodeling and I have learned so much. A lot of this education came due to the contractors laziness and ineptitude. The guy who installed the sink didn't do the plumbing. So I did it myself. The guy who delivered the new range couldn't modify the electric outlet. So I did it myself. Anything that deals with solids and physics, I can do. The only time I hire folks is for stuff that deals with liquids and adhesives and requires a certain "touch" that you can't learn from a Youtube video. For example, I hired someone to do the tile backsplash. I know EXACTLY how to do it in theory. But I can see myself screwing up the grout mix or using too much / too little adhesive, etc. It requires a skill beyond the theoretical.

Educate yourself. Buy the basic tools and you can probably avoid contractors in 90% of situations.

4:38 PM


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