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Age of Misinformation

I have fits every time I try to research anything online. Do enough research and you'll find 10 different answers to whatever the question you have is. You'll end up more confused than when you started. We've been doing a lot of renovation work on our house recently. Nothing is more maddening. You can't get a definitive answer on anything. Who are all these bogus "experts" anyways.

Here are two simple remodeling questions I'm trying to get a definitive answer to online:

Can I use a solid stain over paint?

Answer 1a: Cabot tech support says I can use a solid stain over paint with no problem (no need to strip first) and they say the stain should last longer than the paint.

Answer 1b: If you cannot get all the paint off, sand off as much as practical and then apply two thin coats of A SOLID color latex stain. it can peel, but will resist pealing more than paint will.

Answer 2a: You can always stain or paint over a stain, but you can never stain over paint.

Answer 2b: You cannot stain over paint.

If we want to reside our house with cedar shingles, is it better to use red cedar or white cedar?

Answer 1: Red cedar is a much better product because it contains all vertical grains. The Easter white cedar has mixed grains and is more prone to cupping.

Answer 2: White Cedar is the best material to make shingles.

I really shouldn't pick on the internet, because the same thing can be said of live contractors. I've probably talked with at least ten different contractors, and I don't think I've gotten the same answer out of any of them. Someday I'll do a whole post on remodeling and contractors. Heck, with what we've been through the past two years, I could do a whole blog on contractors sucking. I just can't get started on it, because it makes me very ill.

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Blogger Jen said...

great blog


10:36 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

a good contractor is hard to find! OF course even if the contractor is a good guy, he might be hiring a bunch of 'guest workers' to do the job and who knows what you're getting then!

You always have to wonder about these 'experts' and who is paying them to say these things. Caviat emptor! (buyer beware)

11:44 AM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

White cedar is what's found locally. Red cedar is a west coast product (of course both can be bought here). With that said, red cedar bleeds more and white cedar tends to wear white hoods and burn crosses. Your freaking out….aren’t you. You need to blog about anal retentive designers who can’t commit!

12:42 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

No, I just don't trust anybody. Looked what happened the last time I believed a contractor. Hey you are almost out of work. Wanna reshingle my house?

1:36 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Naw, he doesn't have the skills anymore. Can't cut the mustard. Truth is, the wife is smarter than he is and has been wearing the pants for so long, he doesn't remember how to be the manly man he once was. Hire Mick!

Scooter, come sell chemicals to the biotech industry....we're hiring....Vermont, NH&Maine is the territory.

9:37 PM


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