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Anybody want a Derek Jeter glove?

I just realized I accidentally bought my son a Derek Jeter baseball glove. Pulled it out of the Toys R Us clearance bin last Fall, and didn't even look at it that closely until yesterday. Was like $7, so I just grabbed it. He starts T-Ball in a couple weeks, and obviously as a lifelong Red Sox fan, I can't send the kid out on the field with a fucking Derek Jeter glove. What are they doing selling a Derek Jeter glove in Massachusetts anyway? You think they are selling Curt Shilling gloves in the Bronx?

While I'm at it, I also have a 2006 Red Sox calendar that I'll throw in. Has a Johnny Damon month, a Mark Bellhorn month, an Edgar Renteria month, and a Bill Mueller month.

At least I didn't buy the Patriots calendar with Adam Vinatieri on the cover.

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

Derek Jeeter?! Doh! Of course, anything with Red Sox on it around here would be overpriced! It's a decent looking glove. At least it doesn't have pinstripes all over it!

9:26 AM

Blogger STR said...

You are such a bad dad, you should be ashamed of yourself!!! Hey....I strongly dislike American League Baseball, but go Red Sox!

1:13 PM

Blogger Trustee of Truth said...

Why do you think it was in the clearance bin?

1:45 PM

Blogger NYPDYANK said...

Let the kid use the glove and stop being a J O. The guy is a class act with 3 gold gloves, plus you think a red sox is going to pay his college tuition if he uses his glove.

9:59 PM

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