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Stop coloring your email

I hate colored email. I'm not talking about HTML email from businesses (that is covered under spam). I'm talking about the kind from your Aunt Betty, who knows nothing about computers, and certainly nothing about graphic design, but still can figure out how to change the text of an email to green, and the background to some awful flower image. She can also choose the tackiest true type font (say Mistral) and put the whole letter in that for good measure.

Just stop it.

Emails should just be typed in one basic font. No crazy colors or fonts, or fucking italics. I know of no graphic designers who design the type in their emails. Get yourself a blog for your cat, and then you can use all the tacky fonts, ugly clip art, and silly background images you want and the other cat lovers will think they are great.

OK, now I've offended all cat people.

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Blogger HD_Wanderer said...

Someone had to say it, it was time. Strange fonts are bad, odd colors are worse, but even worse than that is a bad jpg file tiled in the background.

2:16 PM

Anonymous Becca said...

I just happen to come across your blog and I have to say there's truth in everything that I've read so far. As far as the whole colored email thing... I swear, it's just horrid. I'm a graphic designer and I feel that colored email backgrounds, multiple font options, email stationeries, clip art, stupid "designing" programs like Publisher (for those wanna-be's), and freaking WORD ART, should be illegal to use and should hold a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

Wow, I feel better :)

Of course with all that said, I hate to admit that I'm an American Idol fan, I use the God awful Yahoo 360 for my personal blogging and I buy cleaning wipes.

11:02 PM

Anonymous Bill said...

I stumbled across this post too and I love it! I can't stand emails with text formatting, or embeded images or for that matter quotes under the signature. ARGH!

By the by I'm also a graphic designer in the Boston area too.

2:58 PM


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