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More "Freedom Fries" Silliness

Remember all the idiot restaurant owners a few years ago that were serving Freedom Fries instead of French Fries after France refused to go along with Bush's Iraq madness? Gee, that really showed old Jacques Chirac that we Americans mean business. Pretty obvious who was right about that one, huh?

So now some Boston City Councilor and a local talk radio nitwit want to tear down the Kenmore Square Citgo sign and put up a giant American flag to protest Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's UN speech. In case you missed it, the Venezuelan nutjob said on the floor of the UN that Bush was the Devil and needed to see a psychiatrist (I personally think he hit the mark on this one). Apparently Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government.

Whenever a foreign government dares to disagree with or criticize the American government, there are always plenty of bozos ready to step up, and play right into the stereotype of the ignorant American, aren't there. "Here's a big raspberry to you, Chavez. That'll learn ya."

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Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

This is why reactionaries should never hold office. I don't agree with everything Chavez said and frankly, the devil references were a bit low rent but I think this is yet another example why our country is the best. Where else can you step on foreign soil and totally trash the leader of a country and not get yourself shipped out of the country, arrested or even killed?! IF you must object to Chavez then don't buy Citgo gas or other Venezula products but don't demand to take signs down! Let's label him a terrorist and attack his country!

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