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Blogger can't spell blog

Judging from what I read around the blogosphere, there isn't a lot of spell checking going on. But has anybody who ever used Blogger's spell check, realized how crappy it is? It's really rather comical. Among the words that it doesn't know are Blog, - duh!, and Google (or google), which I believe is now a recognized verb. Even more ironic, Blogger is owned by Google.

Even when it does pick up a word that really is wrong, it almost never has any idea what to suggest. Check out the example below. It's smart enough to know that anydody is wrong, but the best it can come up with for a suggestion is anted. What the fuck is anted?

While on the subject of what sucks about Blogger. Why not the ability to do categories? As you can see, my posts are all over the place subject-wise. Really would like to be able to sort them by category, like all the good blogs do. Doesn't seem like rocket science. I know there are supposed to be workarounds, but none seen too easy to figure out unless you are a programmer.

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Blogger eeka said...

I'm finding this really funny. Because it's the sort of dorky thing I'd do. w00t

1:16 PM

Blogger Cranky said...

Blogs are all about sharing your dorkyness with the world

1:28 PM


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