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Am I being spied on, already?

I've been bloggin' for a week. A week! Just supposed to be stupid stuff about crappy toys and annoying stuff on TV. Posted a couple Bush paradies and they are after me already. Already! Government addresses in Arlington Virginia are popping up in my site stats. Really. You'd think they could block that out. Oh well, time to go back to non-political stuff anyways. It's more fun. Parady probably isn't protected speech any more since September 11.

Come to think of it, I did send a link to my buddy in Ireland. International Communications. Uh-Oh.

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Anonymous drudge ery said...

thats more like it... what do you think about those crazy towels people are wearing on thier heads ? and whats up with peeps from other cultures and nations comming here and expecting us to learn thier way of liveing? I thoght they were leaving to come here to live like us. seat belt laws suck too ! any dumb ass knows they should buckle up , but why do we need cops to give out ticks ? oh ya , I forgot.to pay for stupid stuff like free abotions to 14 yr old girls without telling thier rents. and funding the ACLU to represent convicts . hey, lets keep it light

7:48 PM

Blogger STR said...

Hey, were you joking or being serious with govt. addresses popping up on your site stats? And if so, I'm not a computer whiz, how can I find out who has been on my site?

8:14 AM

Blogger Cranky said...

No I was serious about that. I forwarded that Bush thing around a bit yesterday, so with all that is going on about this government spying stuff, and trying to get Google to give them information on what people are searching for, it was a little freaky.

You can get a free stat couter a bunch of places. Kind neat, cause you can see who it linking to your blog. I got mine hereIt's pretty easy to set up.

8:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Drudge, you're really smart. Because everybody knows that whiny reaches by conservatives automatically give Bush and crew the right to violate the Constitution and then defiantly sneer that it's their right to do so, all in the name of "protection." (I watched Bush's government respond to Katrina. I've seen how "well" he can "protect" us. Somehow, I think I'd rather take my chances on someone, you know, competent.) But you're right... let's keep it light.

Cranky - I happen to know a lot of the folks who have offices in Arlington. Trust me when I tell you that many of the folks coming to your site may not be "spying," they may be like-minded souls in the gov't who are laughing with you. I've worked in or known people in the government for 20 years, and I can honestly say that I have never seen a president more despised by both members of the military and members of the intelligence community. (The intel guys in particular hate the SOB.)

So... while I don't put it past Bush and his totalitarian crew to try a stunt like this... I know that it's quite likely that you're simply attracting like-minded people who share your impression.

3:56 PM

Blogger Sick of Extremes said...

I think Drudge is just being inflammatory, I don't think he knows much about what is really going on in the world and hence has little to say.....the easiest thing in the world is to jump on the conservative bandwagon because they tend to over simplify everything!

Anonymous--I am a little surprised that people in the Gov. Community hate Bush as much as you say. Based on only what I read, it seems that funds are pouring into the military and intelligence areas and expanding their power. Do you think it's because they don't like the policies any more than the average person does? It's also ironic that a lot of the 'totalitarian' comments started coming up after Americans have voted in conservatives in the majority in the Senate and House as well as voting in Bush for a 2nd term. Do you think Americans are now realizing what they have done? Do we really miss Dutch Reagan so much that we are willing to vote in this piss-poor imitation?

9:39 AM


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